10 Most Read Articles of 2017 Shows 2018 Trends

What the 10 Most Read Articles of 2017 Can Teach Us in 2018In 2017, hospitals, health systems, and health IT workers faced a lot of new challenges—but some of them were surprisingly familiar. As we look ahead to the new year, we can lean on insight from the past. That’s why we collected the 10 most read Pivot Point blog posts of 2017: so you can revisit the ones that stood out, and check out the ones you may have missed.

  1. Using Epic to Maximize Your Population Health Management Initiatives
    The most-read blog post of 2017 is from 2014—because as an industry, we will always be looking for ways to optimize and maximize our EHRs.
  2. How to Determine Security and Access in Epic’s Hyperspace
    Also from 2014, this post outlines the steps the security team needs to take to ensure appropriate access for appropriate individuals.
  3. Life as a Traveling Consultant: The Perfect Storm
    The very first post in our Consultant Lifestyle series shared what can go wrong (and what to do about it!) while on assignment.
  4. An Effective Strategy for Long-term Epic Training
    Training isn’t something that is ever “finished,” but it can be tempting to treat it that way. This post provides best practices and suggestions to ensure a long-term and successful training program.
  5. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Your New Hire Training
    What is the definition of a successful new hire training? Our consultant explains the difference between the metrics we typically use and the outcomes we want to see.
  6. Using FRAP for Risk Assessment
    When you need a quick, in-house risk assessment and analysis, FRAP is an easy-to-use methodology. This post walks through each step.
  7. Our Epic Journey: HIT Consulting Served Family Style
    One of the hardest parts of working as a healthcare IT consultant is working on the road, away from family. One consultant explains how he avoided that—by taking his wife and son along for the ride.
  8. Our Epic Journey: Preparing for Consulting Life on the Road
    Taking family along as a traveling consultant involves some practical concerns, including getting client buy-in and managing home life away from home.
  9. EHR Training: How to Help Users End Frustration, Overcome Fear and Engage
    Learning new technology can be frustrating, but a creative trainer can help users see past the difficulty to the end goal.
  10. Device Integration with Epic: Two Critical Elements That Might Surprise You
    Successful device integration doesn’t really rely on the devices involved, but on communication and organization.