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Define a successful digital transformation strategy.

Most digital transformation efforts fail because the strategy isn’t clearly defined or aligned to organizational goals; the knowledge experts inside the organization are overlooked or passed by for consultants who advocate a one size fits all approach; the customer experience is not a primary driver; the business and/or operating model isn’t aligned to maximize value delivery; the internal people who will be affected by technological changes aren’t brought along on the journey; the people involved often don’t have the right mindset for change or the existing organizational processes aren’t examined for efficiencies. Digital technologies can improve the patient and provide connections to streamline operations. Without addressing the issues above, however, the technology will only magnify them.

At Pivot Point Consulting, we work with your organization to understand your strategic goals, business and operational pain points, your organization’s ability to absorb transformational changes and the voice of your consumer (patient/provider/caregiver/staff). Most organizations have or are considering some type of cloud computing solution. Cloud computing can be transformative for an organization but is not a digital transformation strategy. It enables digital transformation and allows healthcare organizations to scale technology capabilities more rapidly than building in-house infrastructure.

As part of a digital transformation strategy, migrating EHR/EMR, clinical and business systems to the cloud increases accessibility and reduces risk of data loss from hardware failures. We partner with you to determine the right level of control for your cloud investments aligned to your organization’s digital transformation goals. 

Digital Transformation & Cloud Capabilities:

Digital & Cloud Strategy

We work with you to define a cloud strategy that will modernize your organization’s healthcare IT ecosystem and ensure it is aligned with your clinical, operational and financial goals.

App Development & Integration

Our experts design, build and integrate innovative solutions, ensure data operability and mitigate risks specific to cybersecurity, patient privacy and information security.

Cloud Transformation

We assess, plan, migrate or build in the cloud to reduce costs, enable scalability, strengthen security and drive efficiencies.

Digital Health Enablement

We implement platforms and integrations to engage patients, expand access to virtual care and enable secure and comprehensive data exchange.

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Key Pillars of Our Services

Embarking on a cloud-enabled digital transformation can be a daunting endeavor. Pivot Point Consulting has extensive experience guiding healthcare organizations through the challenges to achieve the benefits of digitization. Our tailored approach provides the strategy, technology and organizational adoption required for success in the cloud. Benefits that you can expect include the following:

  • Faster scaling of digital capabilities through cloud infrastructure.
  • Reduced risk of data loss and downtime by leveraging cloud reliability and accessibility.
  • Flexibility to adjust control levels to meet organizational governance needs.
  • Accelerated speed of innovation through rapid provisioning of cloud solutions.
  • Lowered costs by shifting from fixed to variable expenses.

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