Data Governance & Security Services

Strike the right balance between security and agility.

Enable impact, don't control it.

Pivot Point Consulting believes governance should empower, not constrain, teams who seek to discover life-changing discoveries within data. Rather than control, we establish trustworthy processes that safely enable analytical insights across organizations.  

Our team supports the establishment of prudent guardrails that empower responsible data sharing across your ecosystem. We foster transparency, accountability and continuous risk assessment to build confidence in data use. 

Compliance by Design

Our approach integrates security, privacy and regulatory best practices into solutions from day 1 to future-proof your program.

Self-Service Enablement

Strong identity and access management, combined with data discovery and analytics sandboxes, remove barriers to insights while upholding guardrails.

Continuous Improvement

Ongoing assessment and enhancement keep your governance evolving through changing needs, emerging regulations and advancing data capabilities to maximize benefit over time.

Data Fluency

Training inspires a cultural mindset where all stakeholders understand their role in responsible stewardship to meet strategic goals responsibly and at scale.

Data Security

Our data security experts bring knowledge regarding security standards including PHI, PII, SOX, and technical expertise in best practices to securely share and protect data. We can advise leaders on the cost-benefit tradeoffs in data security investments.


We ensure that analysts and business/clinical/operational leaders trust your data by working towards a shared glossary of definitions and calculations. When one team reports on LOS, Visits, Referrals, etc., another team doing the same can trust that the data is accurate and will match. 

Make your data meaningful.

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Empowering Analytics & AI

Key Pillars of Our Services

By taking the right approach in your governance philosophy, you can support the acceleration of discovery in your organization, giving access to new insights that benefit patients and providers. Benefits you can expect include the following:

  • Unlocked value of information assets through governance that empowers your teams.
  • Data that’s safeguarded and has maximal beneficial use.
  • Automated auditing that provides transparency while expediting approvals.

Enable impact; don’t control it. Get started with revamping your data security and governance framework today.

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