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We leverage experience from leading analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) organizations (inside and outside of healthcare) to architect and right-size a modern data platform for clients that will adapt and scale to support the needs of the business. We also work with clients to implement plans that take an opportunistic approach to evolving the platformbuilding on work that is already in flight.  

Conceptual Architecture

Help craft data and system architecture that unifies disparate systems into a robust, extensible system platform to support analytics and AI.

Platform Selection

Aligning strategically with your goals and constraints, we work with you to select, deploy and extend your cloud platform, leveraging proven and emerging technologies that can integrate with existing architecture and have the capacity for future extensions.

Data Integration

Proven frameworks and tools to rapidly capture and integrate data into a trusted single version of truthproviding broad, secure access. Also, over time, the timeliness of data will move from daily to near-time as data fluency and business needs evolve. 

Advanced Analytics

Our solutions are designed to unlock the potential of AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics by harnessing the capabilities of leading platforms. By leveraging proven and cutting-edge technologies, we enable organizations to gain deeper insights, make data-driven decisions, and stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving digital landscape. 

Continuous Improvement

Our systematic and ongoing approach to enhancing processes, products and services within your organization drives better efficiency, quality and overall performance.

Iterative Planning

Our planning solution enables you to evolve and adapt to an ecosystem finely tuned to support new opportunities while maintaining high performance as your data maturity grows.

Make your data meaningful.

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Empowering Analytics & AI

Key Pillars of Our Services

Pivot Point brings thought leadership that ensures wise technology investments. By leveraging the latest innovations, we empower your team to achieve improved outcomes, gain research discoveries and implement new business models. Whether we’re advising on the next step or leading beside you to deliver a successful transformation, we are there to ensure you achieve your goals. Benefits that you can expect include the following:

  • Rapid assessment of current and future state architecture (data and system).
  • Leverage frameworks to accelerate the implementation of future state.
  • Minimize upfront investment to get started that will scale to support demand.
  • A pragmatic approach to partnering with the analytics community to evolve the platform.

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