Governance & Change Enablement Services

Support your governance and change strategies.

Optimize for success by ensuring proper governance.

As healthcare organizations face constrained resources, establishing effective governance models and change management practices is critical to success. Backed by proven methodologies and deep healthcare experience, we enable data-driven decision making and a smooth transition to new operations. 

Governance Models

We help clients develop governance structures and processes to prioritize initiatives, manage portfolios, ensure regulatory compliance and optimize technology investments at the enterprise and clinical department levels.

Change Management

Our experts provide strategic guidance and hands-on support for organizational change initiatives. We ensure projects deliver intended results and benefits through planning, sponsorship, training and adoption activities.

Empowering Strategy & Innovation

Key Pillars of Our Services

Pivot Point serves as a trusted strategic partner focused on driving continual progress. Benefits you can expect include the following:

  • Increased protection of sensitive data. 
  • Regulatory-aligned frameworks that empower data-driven decisions. 
  • Maximized value across technology, clinical and business initiatives. 

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