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Technologies like AI, IoT, robots and big data analytics can enable digital transformation when the need clearly calls for one or more as a solution and the strategy aligns with organizational goals and priorities. At Pivot Point Consulting, we view these as enablers, not drivers, of successful digital strategies. Our services help organizations clarify and articulate the business/operational need then develop a digital health MAP (maturity action plan) to prioritize technology investments that will drive results. We’ll support your team in implementing tactical investments in these technologies to solve problems, monitor the improvements through key performance indicators (KPIs) and scale these solutions.

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Key Pillars of Our Services

Emerging technologies hold great promise, but also significant risk if not aligned properly to strategic goals. Pivot Point Consulting can help you navigate the complex digital landscape, prioritize technology investments and enable your digital future. Benefits you can expect include the following:

  • Prioritized investments in AI, IoT, robots, telehealth and other emerging technologies.
  • Focus on technologies that directly enable your organization’s strategic goals and priorities.
  • Solutions that include risk mitigation specific to cybersecurity, patient privacy and information security.
  • Interoperable data architecture to support advanced analytics (predictive, diagnostic).
  • Optimized processes and reduced costs through automation.

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