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As healthcare M&A activity accelerates, IT integration is crucial for unlocking value. Navigating the complexities of healthcare mergers, acquisitions and integrations requires experienced IT advisors. Our M&A team guides clients through the full lifecycle from due diligence to post-close integration so you can maximize value and minimize risk. 

Due Diligence

We conduct thorough IT assessments during the evaluation phase to uncover risks, costs and integration challenges.

Integration Planning

We create detailed project plans, budgets and timelines to seamlessly converge disparate systems and processes.

Risk Management

We identify risks related to infrastructure, security, applications and staffing to proactively mitigate issues.

Vendor Rationalization

We optimize your application portfolio, identifying opportunities to consolidate vendors and technologies.

Staffing Optimization

We evaluate skills and roles to design an efficient organizational model for the newly merged entity.

Change Readiness

We ensure adoption success with rigorous change management and communication strategies. 

Empowering Strategy & Innovation

Key Pillars of Our Services

With deep financial acumen and healthcare expertise, we empower organizations like yours to maximize the value of M&A activities. Pivot Point serves as your trusted M&A advisor focused on driving the greatest synergies. Benefits you can expect include the following:

  • Uncover significant cost reduction and revenue opportunities during due diligence

  • Meet aggressive project timelines with proven tools and methodologies

  • A seamless transition with minimal business disruption

  • Position IT to support newly merged clinical programs and business initiatives

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