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A digital transformation strategy focuses on leveraging technology to resolve business and operational issues, not the technology itself. At Pivot Point Consulting, we help healthcare organizations define and align goals for improving patient engagement, provider and patient experience, outcomes,overall quality of care and streamlining operations.  

~70% of organizations fail at delivering their digital transformation strategy. Our approach addresses the key issues these organizations encounter. We focus on defining a clear strategy that is aligned with organizational goals and priorities and an approach that has cross-organizational stakeholder buy-in and engagement, relies on customer input throughout the process to ensure the solutions truly address the needs, enlists the right business and/or operating model to deliver success and advocate for a transformation mindset that encourages feedback at every step along the way.  

This facilitates the cultural shift required for successful adoption. To get from current to future state, we create your digital transformation MAP (maturity action plan). The MAP is part strategic plan, part roadmap, part how-to guide for moving forward. It is tailored to your organization’s strategic vision and goals and reflects the sequence of work needed to mature your organization’s transformation mindset and digital capabilities. The MAP includes a rolling 12-month view of work; it’s an iterative document that evolves as information becomes available.

Developing a winning digital strategy requires aligning goals, people, technology and culture. Pivot Point Consulting are experts in developing digital transformation strategies and delivering digital transformation initiatives.

Winning strategy requires aligning goals, people, technology and culture

Key Pillars of Our Services

Benefits you can expect from partnering with us include the following:

  • Clearly defined digital transformation strategy aligned to business goals and priorities.

  • Improved patient engagement using digital capabilities to remove friction and simplify the experience.

  • Reduced provider burden and burnout through technology optimization.

  • Streamlined operations and reduced costs via automated processes.

  • An operating model and governance structure to support successful digital transformation efforts.

  • A change management and adoption plan to support a transformation mindset based on your organizations culture.

  • A rolling 12-month actionable roadmap of sequenced work to successfully and progressively mature organizational transformation and digital capabilities.

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