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Pivot Point Consulting’s Life Sciences team serves as a trusted bridge between Life Sciences companies and healthcare organizations, facilitating collaboration. With deep expertise in both life sciences and healthcare, we understand the challenges life sciences companies face bringing new therapies to market. We provide support to pharmaceutical, medical device and research organizations to integrate their innovations into provider workflows to improve patient outcomes. 


Key Pillars of our Services

Clients benefit from our deep relationships across both sectors. As an impartial third party, we can effectively communicate visions in a way that gains acceptance from all stakeholders. 

For Life Sciences clients, we help accelerate innovation by designing integrated solutions, implementing them across healthcare systems, and driving adoption through workflows/training. This allows you to scale impact efficiently. 

For healthcare providers, we ensure your systems and data are optimized to deliver the best possible care. By partnering with approved Life Sciences solutions, you’ll gain insights to proactively manage patients and outcomes. Some of the benefits by partnering with our team include:

  • Proven Solutions – We have successfully deployed products for major life science companies that drive real improvements in patient care. 
  • Healthcare Relationships – Our work with leading health systems provides unique access and credibility to deliver your vision.
  • Compliance Focus – We ensure solutions meet all regulatory and compliance needs so you can move fast with confidence. With experience navigating regulatory requirements and hurdles life sciences companies face in healthcare, we’ll help your team mitigate risks. 
  • EMR Experience – Our teams have deep knowledge across EHR platforms to optimize your products within provider workflows. 

The combination of proven success stories, extensive healthcare relationships, full-service capabilities and ability to foster collaboration uniquely positions us as the premiere partner to forge partnerships between life sciences companies and healthcare organizations. 

Don’t go it alone. Let’s drive better patient outcomes, together. 

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