Training & Education Services

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Easily have your finger on the pulse for all necessary healthcare information.

Our team of experts coach life sciences clients on critical healthcare IT knowledge and empower organizations to successfully partner with healthcare providers throughout their life science journey.

EMR Systems Training

Comprehensive courses cover the capabilities and configurations of leading EMR platforms like Epic, Cerner and Allscripts from a clinical and technical perspective.

Best Practice Workflows

Immersive sessions teach real-world clinical workflows and documentation standards across specialties. This facilitates integrated solution design.

Healthcare IT Partnerships

Guidance on governance, integrations and change management equips clients to effectively work with provider IT departments on deployment and support.

Regulatory Compliance

Classes ensure strict adherence to HIPAA, information blocking rules and other compliance regulations governing data use in patient care.

Continuing Education

Ongoing webinars and resources keep clients up to date on industry trends, innovations and operational best practices impacting life sciences partnerships.

Empowering Life Sciences

Key Pillars of Our Services

We are the recognized authority for training life sciences organizations. Our practical, application-focused programs give clients confidence to navigate healthcare’s complex IT and regulatory landscape. 

We build lasting expertise through comprehensive training embedded within all customer engagements. Achieve current and future success through strategic education. Some of the benefits you can expect include the following: 

  • Customized training to help your company excel in the complex healthcare technology ecosystem. 
  • Real-world, practical insights from healthcare organizations to drive your strategy. 
  • Expert guidance in collaborating with healthcare IT groups. 
  • Continuous advancement in a rapidly changing field. 

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