Advisory Services

Strategic advisory services for Life Sciences innovation.

Pushing advancements further with trusted advisors.

Pivot Point Consulting provides strategic advisory services to help Life Sciences companies craft and execute their vision to improve patient outcomes through partnerships with healthcare providers.

Let our advisors provide strategic guidance to maximize your impact on patient care.

Strategic Planning

We assess your objectives and ecosystem to build strategic roadmaps for partnering with healthcare providers to advance therapeutically and stay competitive.

Opportunity Assessments

We identify the biggest challenges and gaps facing providers where your solutions can drive the most impact.

Pilot Facilitation

We design, implement and measure pilot program outcomes to demonstrate the value of your innovations.

Cost Modeling

We conduct total cost of ownership analyses to build business cases for your solutions.

Compliance Consulting

We ensure your strategic plans meet all regulatory and compliance requirements.

Change Management

We provide implementation and adoption best practices to drive utilization of your therapies and tools.

Empowering Life Sciences

Key Pillars of Our Services

Our team of strategic advisors partners with Life Sciences organizations to help drive innovation and improve patient outcomes. We focus on developing comprehensive solutions that effectively bridge Life Sciences and healthcare. 

Benefits You Can Expect: 

  • Accelerate time-to-value by leveraging our provider relationships and insights.

  • Be better equipped to make informed decisions backed by real-world data.

  • Develop high-impact partnerships and innovations.

  • Continuously improve to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

Pivot Point brings together strategic visioning, technical knowledge and deep healthcare industry relationships to open doors for Life Sciences innovation and collaboration. Our advisors help organizations maximize opportunities to advance treatment and population health.

Let’s chart your path forward today.

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