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With the vastness of data in healthcare today, clinical and business leaders are challenged to understand, manage and capitalize on high-value data to drive effective clinical and business decision-making while managing risk. To thrive, businesses need to adapt quickly, form connections with customers, and predict what’s next without missing a beat.

That’s where Pivot Point Consulting’s analytics strategists, artificial intelligence (AI) practitioners and data scientists come in. We help healthcare providers and payers turn data into insights, and insights into outcomes – giving you a critical edge to capture and aggregate your data, organize it to meet your needs, and create healthcare data analytics to enable informed clinical and business decision making.

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Proud Partnership With HIMSS

We are proud to join forces with HIMSS as a Strategic Partner. Together, we’re embarking on a transformative journey to unlock the true potential of data within your organization and reshape the landscape of healthcare together.

By leveraging our collective expertise and resources, we will accelerate your innovation journey from descriptive data to predictive and diagnostic insights–and in parallel develop a data-driven community that drives equitable actions to improve lives–demonstrating value incrementally and often along the way.

With our deep industry knowledge and the Analytics Maturity Adoption Model (AMAM) created by HIMSS, we partner with you to harness the power of data-driven decision-making–enhancing patient care and driving measurable outcomes.

Get ready to embark on a data-driven journey that will reshape the future of healthcare.

Analytics & AI Capabilities:

Strategy & Innovation

We identify opportunities to harness the power of data and analytics that improve outcomes, maximize profitability and empower data-driven decision making. 

Maturity Accelerator Program (MAP)

Our MAP framework helps advance your analytics maturity in a deliberate and measurable way. Our assessment identifies your current level, then a customized roadmap lays out objectives to reach the next stage. MAP advisors guide you through initiatives that build your analytics skills and culture. 

Dashboards & Visualization

We specialize in translating complex data into clear, actionable insights through customized dashboards and reporting tools.

Architecture & Technology

Design robust data infrastructures that integrate disparate sources, ensure governance and security and support advanced analytics capabilities.

Data Security & Governance

We’ll help you establish formal governance structures, workflows and policies to ensure privacy and regulatory compliance.

Make your data meaningful.

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Our strategy 

Find Your MAP

Every journey needs a MAP. At Pivot Point Consulting, we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive Maturity Acceleration Plans (MAPs). Each MAP is customized to your organization’s specific needs and serves as your organization’s guide for this transformative journey.  

With the Enterprise MAP, our Analytics & AI experts leverage HIMSS AMAM to baseline your organization’s maturity level. From there, we quickly develop an action plan to get you started that aligns with strategic and operational priorities. 

We also have MAPs that accelerate data maturity in specific domains such as clinical AI and EHR optimization. Our assessment framework follows a similar approach but utilizes our proprietary process to create MAPs that will maximize your analytics capabilities and EHR investment. 

When you partner with us, your data maturity level will improve, enabling your teams to focus on improving patient care and experience, optimizing operational efficiency, accelerating research, enriching workforce experience and more.  

Ready to experience the power of data innovation in healthcare? Learn how to get your MAP and accelerate your data innovation journey. 


Key Pillars of Our Services

We leverage our big data and healthcare expertise to help clients accelerate speed to insights and get the most out of their data. With advisory services, implementation leadership and managed reporting expertise, we partner with you to define your strategy and ensure successful implementation from start to finish. Areas of expertise and experience include:  

Members of our advisory team average over 20 years of healthcare experience leveraging data, analytics and AI to drive business value. Most have served in C-level and director positions in both business, clinical and technology.

Our analytics strategists and informaticists have proven success working with provider and payer organizations, as well as across all leading data, analytics and AI platforms. Get started today by learning more about how our maturity acceleration program can power your analytics & AI journey.

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