Population Health & Analytics Services

Transform data into health insights.

Elevate patient care through proactive insights.

Transform patient care through proactive insights. Pivot Point enables a strategic shift to proactive, predictive care management through population health roadmaps tailored to your unique needs and reimbursement realities. Our approach aims to inform both clinical practice and financial performance. 

Strategic Population Health Planning

Our team of experts collaborates with you to define your organization’s goals and designs comprehensive programs tailored to your highest-risk patients and conditions. We help you develop strategies that align with your objectives and foster proactive care management.

Analytics &
Risk Scoring

Leveraging clinical, claims and predictive data, we assist you in identifying patients in need of targeted interventions. Our analytics expertise enables you to measure the impact of interventions on utilization, costs and quality of care, facilitating continuous improvement in patient outcomes.

Program Development & Deployment

From complex case management to transitional care, we provide advisory services and resources to effectively develop and deploy initiatives using Epic tools. Our expertise in program development ensures that your initiatives are implemented successfully and deliver the intended results.

Empowering Enterprise Applications

Key Pillars of Our Services

With strategic population health programs, Pivot Point pioneers data-driven transformations in healthcare. Benefits you can expect by partnering with us include the following:

  • Improved care, reduced costs.

  • Better health outcomes for patient populations through data-driven strategies.

Are you ready to transition to value-based models that keep patients healthier in lower-cost settings? Get started today and unlock the potential of proactive insights in transforming patient care.

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