Education, Training & Deployment Services

Empowering healthcare excellence through knowledge.

Increase user efficency and adoption through proper education.

Pivot Point brings proven methodologies and deep expertise to plan and execute comprehensive user training initiatives. A team of experienced clinicians, analysts and trainers develop curricula, tools and resources to empower users at their own pace. With comprehensive support, we optimize modality (virtual/in-person), class size, schedule, locations and more to fit your needs. 

Customized Training Strategies

Our consultants collaborate with you to develop hybrid classroom and virtual training models that align with your organizational needs and user profiles. We tailor the training approach to ensure maximum engagement and effectiveness. 

Comprehensive Planning

We handle coordination efforts such as scheduling, locations, virtual formats and activities to support training timelines. Our goal is to optimize adoption and ensure readiness for go-live, streamlining the training process for a successful implementation.

Deployment Support

For major rollouts, Pivot Point can provide additional trainers and experts to offer on-site, just-in-time learning and guidance during deployment windows. This additional support ensures a seamless transition and provides users with the assistance they need during critical stages of implementation.

Empowering Enterprise Applications

Key Pillars of Our Services

With expertise honed over 200+ projects, Pivot Point designs training impacting thousands of lives to become your trusted partner for user empowerment. Our team will design and execute tailored training initiatives that set your organization up for long-term success with innovative technologies and transformations. Benefits you can expect by partnering with us include the following:

  • Seamless go-lives that empower users from day one. 
  • Individualized training curriculum to support your team’s learning. 
  • High quality outcomes in user competence and workflow mastery. 

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