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Plan for success and maximize your affiliates’ potential.

Plan for success and maximize your affiliates’ potential. Through a dedicated partnership, we guide you through setting up and maintaining Epic’s Community Connect program. Our services include standalone project management for affiliates and integrated advisory teams to align strategies and maximize synergies as you onboard new partners. 


Our experts help define affiliate criteria and models, establish contractual frameworks, devise data-sharing approaches and implement governance best practices. We collaborate with you to develop a strategic foundation that sets the stage for successful partnerships.

Scalable Support Models

We provide ongoing guidance and dedicated virtual support teams to ensure that your affiliates maximize the value derived from the partnership. Our scalable support models adapt to meet the evolving needs of your organization and its affiliates.

Community Connect Implementation

Leveraging our extensive experience in executing partnership programs, we seamlessly integrate new affiliates into your Epic instance. By streamlining the onboarding process, we enable you to strategically expand your network while supporting community partners effectively.


Our experts help craft strategic plans, develop contractual models, create implementation roadmaps and establish ongoing support structures. We provide the guidance and expertise needed to build strong and successful partnerships.

Best Practice Configuration

Our dedicated workflow specialists configure solutions customized for each partner’s unique needs and resources. By aligning Epic’s functionality with your affiliates’ requirements, we ensure optimized workflows and maximize the value delivered by the partnership.

Grow Community Networks

Key Pillars of Our Services

Pivot Point simplifies the complexity of multi-site Epic management. We power seamless care across your expanding ecosystem, helping you expand your community impact through our expert partnership services. Benefits you can expect by partnering with us include the following:

  • Dedicated support models that are customized for your team’s current and future needs.
  • Long-term guidance from support teams to ensure your affiliates are achieving maximum value.
  • A team with deep Community Connect expertise to guide your organization and affiliates on how to effectively use Epic.
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