Rachel Marano in Fast Company on Workaholism

Rachel Marano in Fast Company on Workaholism blog post

Pivot Point Founder and President Rachel Marano was recently featured in Fast Company on her thoughts around workaholism. Discussing her own journey, Rachel pointed to the stress that being a “workaholic” can bring, as well as the negative health effects it can have. Below, she shares some of her insights:

“My parents were entrepreneurs, so I was always taught to work hard. But, like many self-starters, it was difficult to draw the line between my professional and personal life. For years there was no line at all, and I was good with that—until it began to affect my health.

I started my career as a healthcare IT consultant. In 2011, I founded Pivot Point Consulting. Was I a workaholic? Absolutely. And I viewed my workaholism as a badge of honor, as many of us do. I was passionate about my company, dedicated to our employees and clients, and focused on taking my healthcare technology business to the next level while keeping it grounded in closely maintained relationships. Looking back, I was bound to end up where I did and overworking myself.”

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