ViVE 2022 Takeaways

ViVE 2022

What We Heard

Innovators across the country gathered in Miami for VIVE 2022 to showcase their digital health products and solutions.

Thought leaders and product developers demonstrated several cutting-edge technologies including AI/ML, Cyber Security, NLP and patient engagement applications. These technologies can be applied to several use cases, but providers and payers are prioritizing these tools for digital health and patient experience solutions.

What This Means for Healthcare IT Executives

Healthcare organizations are challenged with balancing investments in time and resources to guarantee successful system implementations while reacting to patient demand for these products.

While attending breakout sessions for startups and product developers, two comments deeply resonated with my experience in healthcare (paraphrased):

  1. You may have a great idea for a product, but an idea isn’t as valuable as execution.
  2. A product is only as valuable as a successful implementation.

A product idea must be usable, simple, easily implemented, reliable, secure and safe.  A product that can’t be implemented seamlessly into an existing set of enterprise applications, especially EHRs, will be less valuable to patients or providers.

What should health systems do now?

Healthcare organizations should establish a comprehensive strategy for building, buying and implementing digital health products. Healthcare technology leaders ought to focus on key areas such as application integration, cloud hosting, security protocols, API implementation, etc. to standardize their system architecture.

Furthermore, usability and workflows are essential to a successful digital health product. It can be tempting to assume that an implementation is as simple as “turning on” the integration points. However, care should be taken to implement a solution that is tailored to user workflows, system content and integrated functionality.

Pivot Point Can Help

Wherever you are in your EHR/ERP implementation journey, Pivot Point is with you all way with strategic planning, thoughtful execution and ongoing guidance. Contact us to explore how we can architect a custom solution to fit your healthcare organization’s needs.

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