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Given the cost and complexity of EHR implementations, it is important to begin with the end in mind. This begins with a thorough discovery phase including the proper SMEs and technical experts and extends through system architecture and design, planning, building, testing, training and post-live support. Our EHR implementation services help you maximize your EHR investments and your implementation experience. We have worked for leading systems and vendors, so we understand your challenges, appreciate that every company is different and know what it takes to implement successfully.

Healthcare leaders today have an opportunity to harvest their organization’s data, align it with key strategic objectives and foster a data-driven culture across their health system. We help organizations realize and maximize the value of the time, money and resources invested in their EHR.

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Key Components of an EHR Development Plan

A solid EHR implementation plan is critical for the continued success of your new system. At Pivot Point Consulting, our extensive expertise comes from helping numerous clients in the industry navigate this complex process. We strive for the smoothest experience possible when implementing EHR in your healthcare organization.

For example, we can start by helping you assemble a cross-departmental team of key staff members, including doctors, nurses, administrators and assistants,  who will be the vanguard for core system decisions, change management policies and setting a high bar of quality. We also work closely with you to help keep the software HIPAA compliant while meeting your hardware needs.

Once all the pieces are in place, we can assist you with migrating your existing information over to the new system and establish the workflows that your staff can perform to make the most of it. We use our extensive expertise to educate and prepare the necessary members of your team in these new procedures so you can hit the ground running without a hitch. Our experience with countless other EHR deployments throughout the industry means we can make sure nothing is overlooked or forgotten.

We also support contingency and plan development that can keep your new systems running smoothly over the long term. This includes assisting you with training programs for pertinent staff members, as well as protocols in the event of an outage or unexpected downtime.

When the day finally arrives to flip the switch and begin putting your new EHR system into practice, we will stand with you through those first few weeks until everything is running as it should. Whether you choose to go all-in on the first day or roll it out on an incremental basis, you can count on our vast knowledge base to spot any potential stumbling points and work around them.

Even after the fact, we continue to provide assistance as you and your team adjust to the new normal. This includes collecting feedback that can serve as a framework for any tweaks or adjustments that might need to be made.

Pivot Point can help.

We support your EHR implementation wherever you need us — strategic planning, thoughtful execution and ongoing guidance.

All-Star Talent

We are a #2 Best in KLAS (2022) healthcare leader: Top three Best in KLAS for HIT Implementation and Support for four years running (2015/2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019).

10+ Years Of Implementation Experience

Our Consultants average 10+ years of hands-on experience building, testing and training, as well as go-live, stabilization, implementation and upgrade support.

Proven Plans Customized For You

Implementation is only successful if it fits the organization. We balance technical with organizational requirements to get the most out of your EHR system at go-live and for the long run.

Change That Sticks

Adoption is key to any implementation, but it’s often overlooked. We conduct comprehensive change readiness assessments across your organization to ensure that what we build together sticks.

Best Practice Tools

Given our deep electronic medical records implementation experience, we’ve built leading tools, methodologies and knowledge-share systems to increase the efficiency of our projects to support a successful transition.

Governance Strategy

We work with you to develop governance strategy for your organization — including staffing / stakeholder analysis, organizational structure and training.

Legacy Support

Stay focused on new implementations and we’ll manage your legacy systems and data.

Maximize your EHR investments.

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