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ERP Implementation & Optimization

Your health system relies on more than just your EHR — your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is critical to hospital performance and security. Whether you’re considering an upgrade to an existing solution or a new implementation, Pivot Point Consulting can help. We assess, implement and optimize ERP systems to increase productivity, streamline workflow and improve patient care.

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Pivot Point tailors ERP solutions to the unique needs of each healthcare organization to support an organized, well-managed approach to planning, implementing and optimizing a successful integrated system. We can step in at any stage to help you improve workflow and fulfill your business goals — including:

Assessment strategic roadmap planning


System Conversions

System Security

Maintenance of Customized Applications

ERP Upgrades

Quantum ERP Upgrades

Managed Services Post Live Support

Maintenance Of Customized Applications

ERP solutions for unique healthcare needs.

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