Key Takeaways: 2017 Health IT Market Trends Report

Quote from Key Takeaways: 2017 Health IT Market Trends Report blog post that states, "Consultants are becoming more and more selective. They recognize the value they bring to the marketplace."

As the healthcare IT industry has expanded over the last few years, some intriguing trends have come to light. John Lynn from Healthcare Scene asked Pivot Point’s Ben Weber specifically about optimism and innovation—two words that indicate a positive outlook for health IT professionals. See what Ben had to say about these two words, as well as key findings from our 2017 Health IT Market Trends Report.

The Most Surprising Finding in 2017 Health IT Market Trends Report

I think one of the most surprising things is just the emphasis our consultant population places on medical dental vision benefits. In addition, the ability to work from home and the location of the health system are of high importance. All three of these are pretty large trends that we’ve seen increase over the last three years. From a medical dental vision perspective, forty-eight percent of our consultants have determined that that’s an extremely important component of their decision making process. Thirty-eight percent listed the ability to work from home, and roughly twenty-five percent listed the location of the health system. So, consultants are becoming more and more selective. Additionally, they’re also recognizing the value they bring to the marketplace as subject matter experts.

The Majority of Respondents Are Satisfied with Work

We had roughly 836 respondents. The majority of those are seasoned or senior subject matter experts from an EHR implementation and support perspective. So, they’re sought after; the demand continues to be high, and supply at that expertise level continues to be lower. Thus, yes, they’re predominantly satisfied and optimistic as well.

Consistent Trends Across Market Reports

Optimism is up over the last three years. I think a lot of that has to do with the macroeconomic factors of the United States as a whole. Additionally, the sheer amount of innovation that’s going into the healthcare IT marketplace right now provides a lot of opportunity. So, individuals who are experts in their field from an implementation and support perspective of an EHR continue to see tremendous opportunity and growth, even during health system provider consolidation. That’s one of the key trends for us.

Highest Playing Health IT Jobs

The majority of our respondents are focused on epic implementation—roughly eighty percent. We see that epic project managers and Willow beacon pharmacists continue to be the most sought after, and they continue to have the least amount of supply in the marketplace. Thus, we’re seeing the most well-paid individuals are those willow beacon pharmacists. Whether they have a masters or doctorate or even a bachelor’s degree is tremendously important. Additionally, epic project managers who have been through multiple implementations are sought after, so they’re placing a high value on those consultants.

Want more information? Download the 2017 Health IT Market Trends Report to discover more industry trends. And be sure to watch the full interview between Ben Weber and John Lynn today.