3 Takeaways from PDS CONNECT 2018

3 Takeaways from PDS CONNECT 2018 blog post

Pivot Point Consulting’s Advisory Services VP, Laura Kreofsky, returned to Madison, Wisconsin last week for PDS CONNECT 2018, a conference that has been keeping the technology expert community connected with peers, big ideas and the latest technologies for the past 20 years.

Laura’s Three Key Takeaways from the conference:

1. Strengthen the Customer Experience

Healthcare must learn from industries who relentlessly pursue a rich customer experience. Kate Swanborg, Senior Vice President of Technologies and Strategic Alliances at DreamWorks Animation, spoke about the investments they’ve made to build a highly scalable, agile infrastructure to support animated content—and, ultimately, enable an amazing customer experience. The average animated feature film requires 500 Million digital files to create the detailed and immersive experience and DreamWorks has invested heavily to ensure their technology supports the creation, storage and use of this data to delight viewers. As healthcare providers and payors increase their focus on patient and consumer experience, they will benefit from looking to other industries and companies for experiential insights.

2. Device Security and Strategy

Device security is not device strategy. Often, device strategy focuses on security concerns. And, in many cases, device security becomes device strategy. These two necessary components are separate and must be approached as such. Healthcare organizations must first focus on clinical and business utility for the devices. The focus on clinical device usage in healthcare is efficacy. If the application isn’t robust +/or if the device configuration doesn’t enable efficient use, the devices will not be adopted and user frustration and clinical inefficiencies can increase. Once clinical and business device usage goals are framed, device security policies and practices can and should then be set.

3. Innovate the Service Chain

Insights and innovation exist across the IT service chain. For example, PDS handles 50,000 patient portal support calls per month. With that volume and 15 years of experience, they help healthcare organizations more fully understand, manage and optimize the portal experience. There are innumerable other areas in healthcare delivery that could benefit from taking a look at downstream processes to improve upstream processes and the patient experience.

Were you present at PDS CONNECT 2018? If so, let us know what your takeaways from the conference were.

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