Looking Forward 2021 Q1: Revenue Cycle Management

Trends to Look Out For

  • Outsourcing consideration to manage staffing impacts that resulted in layoffs.
  • Revenue recovery related to COVID-19 expenses.
  • Reimbursement protocols to support expansion of telehealth utilization.

Innovations to Know

  • Financial experience solutions to support patient collections.
  • Enhanced solutions to support coding and documentation creation and capture.
  • AI solutions that automate basic functions or enhance staff efficiency.

You Don’t Want to Miss

  • The Center for Connected Medicine has launched a program exploring innovation and key health technologies in the era of COVID-19, looking at the future of digital health. The program focuses on topics such as:
    • Strategies to address the issues with total revenue cycle outsourcing.
    • Increased utilization of RPA – robotic process automation to reduce labor costs and increase efficiencies.
    • Utilization of predictive analytics for all phases of the revenue cycle.

Upcoming Industry Events

  • The Center for Connected Medicine, Top of Mind Virtual Summit
    The Summit was on December 9, and included expert speakers, actionable insights, and unvarnished discussion on the following topics:
    • How health system leadership are managing in a time of uncertainty and evolving political, economic and social conditions.
    • Insights into the future of digital health and innovation priorities.
    • How telehealth and AI will advance in the coming year.

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