ICD-10 Compliant: You and Your IT Vendors’ Views

Compliance Arrow - AKA Compliance This WayIn the healthcare industry, we’re quickly approaching the homestretch for making our Information Technology compliant with ICD-10 standards.  One of the most important questions to ask yourself is: “Are we on the same page as our IT vendor(s) in terms of the definition of “ICD-10 Compliant?” Compliance doesn’t always equate to usability within your organization, or with your particular system configuration.

It’s important that you are addressing ICD-10 remediation of your Information Technology from these different angles:

1.       Is your IT product ICD-10 compliant? “ICD-10 Compliance” frequently indicates the technology can handle ICD-10; yet, not all vendors define “ICD-10 Compliant” the same way. Some vendors equate ICD-10 compliance to a fully functional product. Other vendors equate ICD-10 compliance to obscure modifications such as a data model that will require a great deal of additional work for your organization.

2.       Is your ICD-10 compliant IT product usable? Often, technology that can handle ICD-10 “out of the box” doesn’t take into consideration your organization’s customizations, workflows, security plan, etc. Understanding what you need to do to make your ICD-10 compliant technology usable may result in a multi-month project.

3.       Does your ICD-10 compliant IT product have functionality available? Sometimes, ICD-10 functionality is driven by additional configuration and/or security. A few vendors are embedding a role-based approach into their ICD-10 compliant products whereby security becomes key. Other vendors are using configuration as a driver giving you control on which Payer, DOS, Specialty, etc. uses ICD-10 (and when). In either case, the upgrade to the ICD-10 compliant version does not automatically make the functionality available.

It is absolutely necessary to ask more than one question of your vendor when talking about an “ICD-10 Compliant” product. Be sure you are on the same page and have planned accordingly.

Good luck with your ICD-10 initiatives!

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