Actions We’re Taking for Black Lives Matter

Pivot Point Consulting stands with our black colleagues, clients and community — both nationally and abroad. We are in the midst of a painful, yet powerful, moment for the black community and we have the opportunity to inspire and adopt change.

We have work to do. We’ve taken the step to acknowledge the issue. Our current culture of inclusivity is simply not enough. Now, we’re taking action and a voice in anti-racism.

Effective immediately, we are committing to:
  1. Establish formalized anti-racism personnel policies and racial-equity training.
  2. Re-write recruiting, promotion, and retention policies to specifically include communities of color.
  3. Roll out a learning platform to educate our organization on the history of systemic racism and its impact on our current culture and society.
  4. Establish alliances with black organizations and colleges to promote systemic change and participate in the dismantling of racism.

The Black Lives Matter Movement provided this eloquence, “It’s important for those of us who are white to break white silence and have honest conversations with our friends, family, and neighbors. These conversations can help us find others to build with and change the minds of people who disagree with us about racial justice.”

We are committed to change. We are dedicated to our actions. We are in this TOGETHER.

Rachel Marano, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Pivot Point Consulting