Implementation: Epic BMT Feature Set

Our team completed the implementation of an Epic BMT feature set within a 6-month timeline.

The Challenge

A large healthcare organization with several locations recently launched a Blood and Marrow Transplantation (BMT) program and enlisted Pivot Point’s expertise to implement their Epic BMT feature set. The main challenge included creating a new Epic module in tandem with the client’s development of patient workflows for the BMT program, while adhering to a tight deadline. A typical BMT build out takes 1–2 years; however, the client’s first patient was scheduled for just six months after the build began.

To support this project, Pivot Point worked simultaneously on establishing operational and Epic workflows while managing timeline constraints. This required coordination and collaboration to identify and solidify both internal and build workflows.

Our Solution

Pivot Point provided a full time Beacon analyst and a part-time Project Manager to implement the BMT feature set alongside the client’s Epic and BMT Program teams. Throughout, our team prioritized the ambulatory and intake workflows, building the program upon that foundation. Customization, while made as needed, was minimal.

With Pivot Point’s support, the client implemented the BMT feature set in January 2023 alongside the BMT program. Outcomes included enabling support for autologous BMT treatments; developing order sets, smartsets, treatment and therapy plans; and expanding cancer treatment options.

Enabled support for autologous BMT treatments
Developed order sets, smartsets, treatment and therapy plans
Expanded cancer treatment options: leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, blood and immune disorders
Collaborated with engaged physician leader to ensure seamless integration of operational and clinical decisions within Epic build

On the Success of the Project

“Yesterday afternoon, [we] achieved a milestone in our new Blood and Marrow Transplant program— our first patient successfully completed stem cell collection. We would like to express our gratitude formally and sincerely for the amazing work you and your teams contributed to getting us to this milestone.”
Client Senior Leader