Announcing Our Partnership with Jvion

Pivot Point Consulting, a national healthcare IT consulting leader and the 2020 Best in KLAS Overall IT Services Firm, announces it will bolster its back to work services by creating an ecosystem that combines the power of its core solutions with a strategic partnership with Jvion, industry leader for clinical-AI prescriptive analytics.

Jvion helps healthcare organizations prevent avoidable patient harm and lower costs through the use of prescriptive analytics that identify patients on a health-risk trajectory, determines if that trajectory can be changed, and if so, recommends patient-specific interventions. Applied to the pandemic, Jvion’s clinical-AI CORE™ identifies vulnerable patients with the greatest risk of morbidity and mortality if infected with COVID-19. Healthcare organizations utilize this information to deploy interventions and prioritize patients for hospitalization and prevent avoidable hospital utilization for other conditions. Additionally, organizations are leveraging Jvion’s CORE to identify vulnerability across their workforce to prevent exposure and risk and inform back-to-work health and wellness strategies.

“We’re doubling down on back to work solutions to keep pace with and anticipate the needs of today’s rapidly changing market,” says Rachel Marano, Co-Founder and Managing Partner. “We’re thrilled to be working with Jvion to bring game-changing, cost-effective solutions to our clients. Jvion is doing amazing, innovative work so they’re a natural complement to our KLAS-ranked healthcare IT services.”

Jvion’s AI-powered assessments drive workforce wellness, organizational value, as well as member, patient and employee safety. The outcomes-supported tool is additive to existing reactive screening measures (thermal scanning, contact tracing), but provides a far more prescriptive approach.

Jay Deedy, Jvion CEO, says “Identifying employee risk is only one piece of the puzzle. Understanding and monitoring vulnerability on an ongoing basis is what really helps maintain workforce health and wellness and protect the greater community. We are excited to partner with Pivot Point Consulting to accelerate getting these data-driven insights into healthcare organizations so that they can get employees back to work, patients back in for routine care and return to revenue faster.”

According to Marano, “Now, more than ever, organizations need to build a trusted, sustainable ecosystem. We’re focused on staying close to the market, understanding the gaps and filling them quickly with services and strategic partnerships to truly provide comprehensive solutions, support and value in this new environment where innovative, rapid responses have never been more important.”

About Jvion
Jvion enables healthcare organizations to prevent avoidable patient harm and lower costs through its clinical AI solution. An industry first, the Jvion CORE goes beyond simple predictive analytics and machine learning to identify patients on a trajectory to becoming high risk and for whom intervention will likely be successful. Jvion determines the interventions that will more effectively reduce risk and enable clinical action. And it accelerates time to value by leveraging established patient-level intelligence to drive engagement across hospitals, populations, and patients. To date, the Jvion CORE has been deployed across about 50 hospital systems and 300 hospitals, who report average reductions of 30% for preventable harm incidents and annual cost savings of $6.3 million. For more information, visit

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