Strategic partnerships for end-to-end solutions

Our Partners:

Pivot Point Consulting + Jvion

Pivot Point Consulting bolsters its back to work services by creating an ecosystem that combines the power of its core solutions with a strategic partnership with Jvion, industry leader for clinical-AI prescriptive analytics.

Jvion helps healthcare organizations prevent avoidable patient harm and lower costs through the use of prescriptive analytics that identify patients on a health-risk trajectory, determines if that trajectory can be changed, and if so, recommends patient-specific interventions. Applied to the pandemic, Jvion’s clinical-AI CORE™ identifies vulnerable patients with the greatest risk of morbidity and mortality if infected with COVID-19. Healthcare organizations utilize this information to deploy interventions and prioritize patients for hospitalization and prevent avoidable hospital utilization for other conditions. Additionally, organizations are leveraging Jvion’s CORE to identify vulnerability across their workforce to prevent exposure and risk and inform back-to-work health and wellness strategies.

Jvion’s AI-powered assessments drive workforce wellness, organizational value, as well as member, patient and employee safety. The outcomes-supported tool is additive to existing reactive screening measures (thermal screening, contact tracing), but provides a far more prescriptive approach.

“Identifying employee risk is only one piece of the puzzle. Understanding and monitoring vulnerability on an ongoing basis is what really helps maintain workforce health and wellness and protect the greater community. We are excited to partner with Pivot Point Consulting to accelerate getting these data-driven insights into healthcare organizations so that they can get employees back to work, patients back in for routine care and return to revenue faster.”

Jay Deady, Jvion CEO

Pivot Point Consulting + Trinisys

The partnership couples Trinisys expertise in data migration from legacy systems to new archival environments with Pivot Point’s IT advisory services and project management acumen. Together the companies help healthcare organizations consolidate disparate data sets into a single database that enables robust search capability and integrated go-forward engineering. Healthcare clients see immediate return on investment by mitigating legacy system maintenance costs as well as the risks associated with non-compliant legacy systems.

“Healthcare organizations need specific, definable areas of expertise and accountability from vendor partners to succeed with healthcare technology,” says Jay Cannon, Principal of Trinisys. “What is exciting about our partnership with Pivot Point is our ability to bring project governance and data archival expertise together for clients. The combination of those two solutions generates not only short-term value by addressing immediate legacy clinical data challenges but also long-term value though broader system integration and go-forward enablement.”

– Jay Cannon, Principal of Trinisys

Pivot Point Consulting + P3

Our partnership with P3 provides end-to-end managed services and advisory solutions. An operational efficiency powerhouse, P3 provides a variable remote workforce that that can scale with the operational needs of healthcare providers while optimizing contact center performance. They provide operational services to support telehealth and in-office appointment scheduling, collections, revenue recovery for telehealth, insurance processing, customer service and more. Their multi-step transition to managed services is proven to reduce cost significantly overtime and is supported by performance management and advanced technologies such as speech analytics and AI.

The partnership bolsters the mission of Pivot Point Consulting’s managed services practice: to free up healthcare providers from to day-to-day operations and support to focus on their core business – providing positive healthcare outcomes. 

“As a leader in contact center support, P3 is thrilled to partner with a Best in KLAS healthcare leader such as Pivot Point Consulting. That is a powerful, trusted combination ready to respond to today’s evolving support needs.”

– Miguel Ramos, President & COO, P3

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