Announcing New ERP Consulting Services

As federal incentives and deadlines made EHR projects a high priority for many hospitals and health systems over the last eight years, ERP system maintenance, upgrades and implementations often took a back seat. Now, many organizations are realizing the costs of putting these important projects off—a loss of performance, clunky workflows, and potentially compromised security.

“With so much at stake, it’s never been more important to assess the current status of an ERP solution,” explained Rachel Marano, Pivot Point’s Managing Partner. “Clients asked our advisors for assistance in identifying their most urgent needs, as well as for implementing a plan of action for getting systems up and running efficiently. I’m honored that when there’s an initiative as important as an ERP upgrade or implementation, they’d look to us.”

Pivot Point’s existing methodologies have supported the planning, implementation, and optimization of integrated systems across the United States. The company’s announcement comes shortly after the news that they were the highest rated vendor in the Select Category of the July 2017 Implementation Services KLAS report.

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