Executive Leadership

MJ Stojak headshot

MaryJo “MJ” Stojak

Managing Director, Data, Analytics & AI

MJ Stojak is a strategic executive with 25+ years of data and digital transformation leadership experience across diverse industries including retail, finance and healthcare. As a Managing Director of Data, Analytics & AI, MJ will focus on leveraging data and AI to help Pivot Point clients solve their toughest problems and ensure they successfully deliver their strategic goals to improve outcomes and decision-making, optimize operations, maximize ROI and elevate the consumer experience.

MJ has led strategy development, product development, organizational change efforts and several enterprise implementations leading to successful digital transformation and data innovation initiatives for numerous organizations including Seattle Children’s Hospital, Walgreens, Premera Blue Cross, Starbucks and Amazon. For several of these, she served as an interim executive on point for providing leadership to various teams, ensuring key deliverables remained on schedule and helping the client identify and onboard their next leader.

Prior to joining Pivot Point, MJ led an advanced analytics product team for Seattle Children’s Hospital that was focused on developing an AI product which leveraged ML and NLP to assist in providing decision support. This effort included the enablement of a big data platform and aggregating disparate data sources (streaming waveform data from the bedside, SDOH data, EHR, etc.) to build a 360-patient view. She also co-led the effort that resulted in Seattle Children’s Hospital receiving their stage 6 and stage 7 HIMSS AMAM making them the 5th organization to achieve this level of analytics maturity.

When she’s not geeking out on technology, she is gardening or hiking near her home in the greater Seattle area.