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Everywhere is now a venue of care, therefore today’s virtual care market requires a blend of environmental intelligence, technology, workflow optimization, revenue cycle readiness and focus on the patient experience.

Pivot Point Consulting helps healthcare organizations define and chart their course for improving and expanding the delivery of virtual care. We have the expertise and talent you need to help take your telehealth and remote patient monitoring – and the patient experience of it – to the next level. We bring market insights and best practices, disciplined methodology and professionals experienced in setting and executing on strategic virtual care goals and implementing the technologies, devices and applications to drive success clinically and financially, as well as patient satisfaction.

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Our services include:

Telehealth and Unified Patient Communication

We can help you develop a virtual care implementation plan that addresses the need for seamless communication with patients. When people feel more engaged with their healthcare providers, they are more likely to follow the guidance and experience better outcomes.

Selection and Implementation

Our experts can help you determine the best virtual care platforms and solutions to achieve your desired effects. Once you settle on the systems that are right for you, we will guide you through the process of fitting them into your current setup.

EHR, Patient Portal and 3rd Party Application Integration

One of our primary goals is ensuring all elements of your virtual care solutions, such as telehealth and remote patient monitoring, seamlessly integrate and communicate. Our virtual care consulting is aimed at providing you the smoothest deployment for your staff as well as your patients.

Advisory and Audit for Telehealth Revenue Cycle

Never miss a beat when it comes to receiving payments and reimbursement for your virtual healthcare services. We will make sure you remain in compliance and stay on top of revenue and claims processing.

Patient Experience Planning and Execution

An exceptional virtual care patient experience is crucial for helping patients get the most out of the technology. Our experts can show you how to maximize your offerings so your patients can focus on getting well, not struggling with an interface.

Mobile Apps Development

The convenience of talking to a medical professional from anywhere at anytime is a core advantage of virtual care. We can show you how to develop customized mobile applications that unlock the full potential of the technology.

Analytics Driven Virtual Care Business Process Improvement

With our expertise at your side, we can pinpoint areas that require some tweaking.

Patient Portals and Telehealth Help Desk for Patients and Providers

Our virtual care solutions provide support for users on both sides of the equation. We’re dedicated to making this process as smooth as possible for you, your patients and your providers.

Why Pivot Point?

Pivot Point Consulting’s Virtual Care team averages 25 years of healthcare IT experience. We bring the unique vantage point of health IT planning, implementation and operations experience across the private and public sectors including academic medical centers, community hospitals, insurers, public health agencies and FQHCs nation-wide with expertise in all leading video and telehealth platforms.


Did you know?

Pivot Point Consulting’s Core Services Include More Than Staffing.

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