EHR training to increase adoption and value

Training and Activation

Pivot Point Consulting has helped train more than 200,000 end users across 42 inpatient facilities and 600+ clinics, where we’ve deployed approximately 600 credentialed trainers.

Trusted training and activation solutions

Training and activation readiness are critical to successful EHR and other major system go-lives and adoption.  Yethese activities are often overlooked. Focusing on those important levers drives adoption and efficiencies, as well as staff and provider satisfaction. We provide comprehensive, credentialed training and activation services to increase adoption and the value of your EHR and system investments. Our training services include:

Training Advisory & Mentorship

to help organizations plan and execute large-scale staff training.

Training Management & Coordination

using proven methodology and experienced training professionals.

Tailored Physician Training

to right-size training and personalization labs and drive EHRand Dragon adoption.

Specialty Training Services

including: In-reserve Credentialed Trainers, Principal Trainer Development Program and the Local Educator Program.

Activation Management Services

using proven methodology and experienced go-live coordinators.

Professional Support Specialist Teams

of any size and duration to provide at-the-elbow support.

Why Pivot Point?

Pivot Point Consulting has provided advisory and staffing to over 100 training and activation programs nationwide.  

 We have deployed approximately 600 credentialed trainers to educate and coach more than 200,000 end users across 50+ inpatient facilities and 600+ clinics.   

 We deploy our training and activation services in any mix of in-person and virtual to meet the needs of clients, manage costs, and foster public health and safety. 

We're Experts In:

Increase EHR adoption and value.

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