Improved Provider Satisfaction and End-User Confidence in EHR

Our team assessed the current state of The Village Health’s EHR training and provided a roadmap to remediate and optimize their training program.

Our Challenge

The Villages Health engaged Pivot Point with a concern that is shared by many health systems—how to improve provider job satisfaction and overall end-user confidence in the EHR. With a growing organization in a competitive marketplace, The Villages Health looked to benchmark the organization’s electronic health record (EHR) training capability against industry best practices to better support current and future planned healthcare offerings. This included an assessment of training materials, training staff, operational governance/involvement and the overall training program.

Our Solution

Using our proven assessment methodology, Pivot Point engaged with key stakeholders on the clinical, operations and training teams to better understand existing processes for onboarding, training and supporting end users on the athenahealth® EHR. The information gathered through these conversations was supported by observations of end user training sessions (provider, clinical and non-clinical staff), a detailed review of training and support materials and a review of performance data from the athenahealth® EHR. Additionally, the team reviewed communication processes for EHR training (both new user and advanced skills enhancement training) and how provider proficiency with the EHR is assessed and tracked over time.

Our assessment also focused on the current training team, including number of resources, skillsets, activity/time allocation and their existing trainer professional development initiatives.

The data collected allowed Pivot Point to provide a comprehensive assessment of the current state of training and recommendations for short, intermediate and long-term optimization of the EHR training program and team.

Redesigned EHR training program to include a 2-year lifecycle to enable new provider efficiency and optimization.
Restructured training team into 2 specialized areas: new hire and optimization training.
Expanded training team to include additional instructional design knowledge and capabilities.

On the Success of the Project

Thank you to the Pivot Point Team for their partnership in our journey to optimize the state of our EHR training program. Pivot Point’s knowledge and experience in the clinician training arena allowed us to confirm areas of strength and areas where we have opportunities to grow and improve. This experience has allowed us to put together a short-term and long-term roadmap that our leadership and clinical staff have also bought in to.
Image of Chet Naran
Chet Naran
Director of Information Technology, The Villages Health