PPC Experts Featured by HIT Consultant: “Finetuning Quality Measure Reporting to Perform Like Professional Athletes”

In this article from HIT Consultant, Pivot Point Consulting EHR Practice Manager, Tyler Camp and IT and Analytics Strategist, Kyle McAllister share how to finetune quality measure reporting to perform like professional athletes. From pre-event planning, to game day and post-race evaluations, to sustainable victories.

Quality programs facilitated by CMS and commercial health plans provide critical funding to support healthcare operations. They require diligent data collection and end-of-year reporting that is often left to the last minute and leads to a mad scramble as the due date approaches. Not only does this just-in-time approach place tremendous stress on everyone involved in the process, but it often results in organizations doing the minimum possible to meet the measures instead of delivering an optimal solution that improves end-user adoption, patient outcomes, and scales year-over-year.

Healthcare leaders can learn a lesson from professional athletes. They don’t just show up at the venue at the last minute and walk onto the court or the field. There is a tremendous amount of preparation, planning and practice to make sure they are ready to play.


Read the full article here.

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