Pivot Point Receives 2014 Small Jewel Award

Quote from Rachel Marano in the Pivot Point Receives 2014 Small Jewel Award blog post that states, "This award is a testament to our team, who bring innovative consulting solutions."

Bellevue, WA & Chicago, IL – February 11, 2014 – Pivot Point Consulting, LLC (Pivot Point), has been named one of the Seven Small Jewels of 2014 by Consulting Magazine. This prestigious annual award recognizes consulting firms that continue to grow. Additionally, each firm has demonstrated that their services make them stand out from the rest in their field.

Pivot Point Consulting is a unique healthcare IT consulting firm that provides strategic, advisory, and implementation consulting services nationwide. Pivot Point works with hospitals, clinic systems and payer organizations. Additionally, the organization’s services include improving client strategies, project management offices, operations, and technology with unique, forward-thinking and intelligent solutions.

It was Co-Founders David Scott’s and Rachel Marano’s deliberate focus on “Relationships First. Business Second. Solutions Always,” that has helped Pivot Point to grow. Thus, both client partners and number of consultants have tripled in size over the past year. Above all, people, relationships, integrity and results are the most important factors.

David Scott, Pivot Point Co-Founder and Partner, believes strongly that, “Our success is due, in part, to our focus on our people. For example, we spend a great deal of time and effort finding the right talent and ensuring we care for our people, treat them with integrity and invest in their professional development. Therefore, our consultants commit to us and our client partners, because we commit to them.”

“This award is a testament to our team of leaders and consultant experts, who bring innovative consulting solutions and a track record of client delivery success,” said Rachel Marano, Pivot Point Co-Founder and Partner. “We’re honored to receive the 2014 Small Jewel Award.”

“Our success is the result of our commitment and dedication in providing high-quality services to our client partners.  We’re there for each client as they navigate their way through the complex requirements of today’s healthcare and healthcare IT environments,” said Jon Melling, FHIMSS, Pivot Point Partner.

Consulting Magazine will feature Pivot Point, along with the other six (6) winners, in the February issue. Additionally, an awards dinner will be held in Chicago, IL this spring. The dinner is open to all winners of the 2014 Small Jewel Award.  Read Consulting Magazine’s feature today.