Pivot Point Opens 2017 Health IT Market Survey

Quote from Pivot Point Opens 2017 Health IT Market Survey press release that states, "Healthcare IT professionals are doing important and challenging work."

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (PRWEB) October 03, 2017 — The landscape of healthcare IT is constantly shifting. Whether changes in health system priorities arise from business concerns or federal regulation doesn’t matter for most employees—what does matter is whether their skill sets still have market value, and whether they’re being compensated for them appropriately.

The 2017 Health IT Market Survey

That’s why Pivot Point Consulting, a Vaco Company, is launching its 2017 health IT market survey. The anonymous survey, now in its sixth year, asks participants about their salary, benefits package and perks. Afterward, all responses will then be published in the company’s public market report.

Pivot Point’s Managing Partner, Rachel Marano, says the survey is one of the ways her company looks out for consultants and candidates. “We conduct this survey as a way for employees to benchmark their salaries, and for candidates to better evaluate their job offers,” she said. “Moreover, healthcare IT professionals are doing important and challenging work, and they deserve to know they’re being compensated accordingly.”

The 2017 Health IT Market Survey launches today, is completely anonymous, and takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. Additionally, Pivot Point has pledged to donate $1 to the Red Cross for its hurricane relief fund for every completed response.

About Pivot Point Consulting

Pivot Point Consulting is a healthcare IT consulting leader. The company specializes in EHR strategy, implementation, training, optimization, legacy support, project management, technology and advisory services. The new firm brings together more than 250 consultants and 50 employees serving over 50 clients across the nation. Additionally, their clients range from large multi-hospital networks to academic institutions, pediatric hospitals and local community clinics.

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