Announcing Our Partnership with Trinisys, Inc.

The partnership couples Trinisys expertise in data migration from legacy systems to new archival environments with Pivot Point’s IT advisory services and project management acumen. Together the companies help healthcare organizations consolidate disparate data sets into a single database that enables robust search capability and integrated go-forward engineering. Healthcare clients see immediate return on investment by mitigating legacy system maintenance costs as well as the risks associated with non-compliant legacy systems.

“Healthcare organizations need specific, definable areas of expertise and accountability from vendor partners to succeed with healthcare technology,” says Jay Cannon, Principal of Trinisys. “What is exciting about our partnership with Pivot Point is our ability to bring project governance and data archival expertise together for clients. The combination of those two solutions generates not only short-term value by addressing immediate legacy clinical data challenges but also long-term value though broader system integration and go-forward enablement.”

“A truly comprehensive patient record requires seamless integration of legacy system data post EHR migration,” Pivot Point Managing Partner Rachel Marano explains. “I’m excited that our partnership with Trinisys means we can now meet this need for our clients.”

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