Pivot Point Consulting Announces Jillian Wood as Vice President of Marketing & Operations

Leading the Way With New Experiences (& 2 Upcoming Events You Don’t Want to Miss)

Pivot Point Consulting, 2020 Best in KLAS Overall IT Services Firm and a healthcare IT consulting leader, is excited to announce a new executive leader, Jillian Wood, Vice President of Marketing & Operations. Jillian leads teams of marketing and operations experts responsible for delivering engaging, high quality experiences for Pivot Point Consulting’s clients, consultants and employees.

“Jillian brings innovative perspective on where brand and digital experience is going and also decades of experience with the Big Four, as well as specialized healthcare consulting firms” said Rachel Marano, Co-Founder & Managing Partner. “This combination of experience has never been more important as the healthcare industry pushes through disruption and we reimagine the way care and services are delivered.”

Jillian joined Pivot Point Consulting after 20+ years in business strategy as a consultant, CMO and COO where she developed innovative services and strategy, as well as led product development for technology solutions and strategy for technology and healthcare brands.

“Pivot Point Consulting is leading the way with new experiences — from hosting unexpected, successful virtual events, like celebrating our 10-year anniversary with comedian, Pat McGann, to partnering with our clients and consultants to deliver personalized experiences and high-quality services. We’re truly reinventing the way we engage with the industry today and tomorrow,” said Jillian.

Jillian is a recognized innovation leader and speaker. Her most recent article on Five Things You Need To Know To Successfully Run a Live Virtual Event has been popular as organizations adapt to today’s challenges.

2 Upcoming Events You Don’t Want to Miss …

  • 3/24/21 @ 11 A.M. CT — Click here to register for upcoming WEBINAR on OPTIMIZING YOUR DATA ANALYTICS RESOURCING: TEAM & TOOL CENTRALIZATION
  • 4/1/21 @ 6 P.M. CT— Click here to register for Pivot Point Consulting’s 10th Anniversary Celebration with comedian, Pat McGann.

To get the latest information on Pivot Point Consulting webinars visit https://pivotpointconsulting.com/insights/webinars-videos/

Read the full release here.

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