Laura Kreofsky Featured Speaker in HIMSS Webinar

Check out this on-demand event and learn how you and your IT team can improve the delivery of RPM services.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted healthcare delivery at every level. From accelerating the adoption of telehealth to revising workflows, it seems there are no areas left untouched by the fight against this disease. This webinar will tackle the ways the COVID pandemic has impacted the daily work lives of physicians with an emphasis on how physicians and other clinicians are managing the delivery of care through telehealth and remote patient monitoring. This event will include perspectives from clinicians with actionable advice and insight on how you can better leverage technology to deliver better care during this trying time.

Topics covered will include:

  • Basics of better Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Using apps and telehealth to track coronavirus symptoms
  • How to care for COVID patients remotely
  • Ways to deliver remote care for patients with underlying health issues
  • New workflows needed for RMP
  • And more..

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