Zack Henderson on Healthcare IT Consulting Journey

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HIStalk recently interviewed Pivot Point Consulting Senior Consultant, Zack Henderson, on healthcare IT consulting and its impacts at the macro-level, as well as his consulting journey to and the tremendous value HIStalk has provided his career along the way.

“I came across HIStalk when I started working at Epic. It was one of the online sources that they [Epic] recommended we visit and try to go explore,” Zack said. “It was a great source for a lot of us, and it continues to be. Being able to read those stories and asking, how is that going to change the work that I am doing in a year? In five years?”

“Having moved on and into the consultant world, every day I feel like I learn about a new app or a new regulation or a new feature to try out or a new product that is being brought to market,” Zack said.



Read more about his consulting journey and favorite educational resources in the interview here.