Zack Tisch Featured in HealthTech Article

According to Zack Tisch in a recent article from Health Tech Magazine, hiring on-demand experts gives healthcare organizations quick (and scalable) bandwidth to tackle a range of important IT projects, allowing organizations to solve problems in weeks instead of months.

The lift is worth it for organizations seeking to launch complex initiatives that improve patient care and experience, says Zachary Tisch, vice president of strategic growth for Pivot Point Consulting. Such efforts may require knowledge-specific fields such as data analytics and population health.

“Using staff augmentation to bring in some expertise can build up those programs in large health systems through someone who can bring a plan and put the right governance around it,” Tisch says. “That person should serve a player/coach role.”

Read the piece from Health Tech Magazine here.


Zack Tisch is a dynamic healthcare IT executive leader with 15 years’ experience in leading complex, integrated healthcare information technology projects at some of the nation’s leading healthcare institutions, such as Cedars-Sinai, MD Anderson Cancer Center, UCLA Health and Stanford Heath Care. He is passionate about maximizing value out of the EHR systems to provide efficient, effective patient care.

In his role leading Strategic Growth for clients, Zack focuses on architecting high value solutions to enable client growth and process and resource optimization. Zack is a former Epic employee and is certified in 15 Epic applications. He is also a PMP. Zack received his BA from Duke University and has completed Executive MBA Coursework at UCLA and the University of Texas.