Graham Marquis Nominated for Talent Hunter Award

Graham Marquis Nominated for Talent Hunter Award

Pivot Point Consulting is pleased to announce that Graham Marquis, our Director of Recruiting, was nominated for the 2012 Talent Hunter Award (“Recruiter of the Year”).

The award celebrates excellence in the field of recruiting and honors competitive individuals with proven results.

Official Talent Hunter Award Description

A talent hunter doesn’t give up, and second place isn’t as an option when it comes to sourcing great talent for their organization. The talent hunter is diligent, competitive, and is always pursuing talent. Finding a “needle in the haystack” is second nature with these recruiting pros. Their investigative approach is just the beginning. They are relentless at recruiting and they leverage an endless number of tools and resources to get the job done. When it comes to finding great talent, these sourcing and recruiting professionals outthink, outhunt and outperform their peers.

At Pivot Point, our determination to be the best within the healthcare IT consulting field never falters. With a relentless tenacity, we’re able to continue to grow our own business while also providing even greater support to our healthcare clients. Want to see what other awards the Pivot Point team has won? Check out our employee awards and company awards today.