Providers’ Secret Weapon in the Healthcare Retail Revolution

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What is the ‘retail revolution’ in healthcare?

The ‘retail revolution’ in the healthcare industry describes the phenomenon of brick-and-mortar retailers (e.g., CVS, Walgreens and Walmart) and online retail powerhouses (e.g., Amazon) solidifying their foothold in care delivery by deploying applications like Epic to thousands of care sites.

What does it mean for health IT leaders?

As these players continue to expand their physical and virtual healthcare services at a rapid pace, consumers are increasingly relinquishing their allegiances to traditional care providers for the convenience and cost-effectiveness of retail health.

What do health IT leaders need to do now?

Read Senior VP, Strategy Laura Kreofsky’s Q&A in the Women in Health IT section of Healthcare IT News for her insights on these 4 topics:

  1. The pros and cons of retail entry into healthcare.
  2. The revolution’s impact on hospitals and health systems.
  3. How provider organizations must execute on digital strategy to compete.
  4. What healthcare CIOs should be doing to lean into digital health transformation.

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