4 Healthcare Trends from HIMSS22

HIMSS22 is over, and we’ve got highlights to keep you up-to-date on what you may have missed. Joe Clemons had the chance to interview some of the attendees at this year’s conference. To listen to all of the interviews, check out our most recent Get to the Point podcast episode. Here are some of the healthcare trends that were on participants’ minds at the conference.

Digital Transformation Is No Longer a “Wait and See”

Digital transformation in healthcare, especially in data and analytics, is a critical strategic lever today. Sue Ulrey, Executive Director of Risk and Advisory with MorganFranklin Consulting, explained, “My clients are now on board with digital transformation, whereas maybe pre-COVID, they were just watching and seeing what everybody else was doing. They’re on that bandwagon, and they’re ready to rock and roll.”

Emerging Technologies Are the Buzz

Blockchain technology and virtual reality were the buzz at #HIMSS22.  The rise of digital tools within healthcare has become a game changer for the industry. Mac Marlow, CIO at Southwestern Health Resources, said on the topic, “How do we integrate technologies like virtual reality into the workspace in a meaningful way that brings material value? I’m really excited about that and just the overall transformation … My part of the industry is looking at primary care; how do we really focus on giving the providers what they need to provide care for the patients?”

Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring Are Changing Healthcare

COVID-19 compelled healthcare organizations to rapidly implement telehealth and remote patient monitoring. Now that telehealth is more common than ever before, providers and organizations are searching for ways to better support patients remotely. Telehealth is changing the industry. According to Chase McLauchlin, Director of Client Solutions of Pivot Point Consulting said, “We are as an industry really moving into new technologies. And I really do see this disrupting our delivery of care.”

Cybersecurity Is Top of Mind

With the increased reliance on digital tools and software comes the increased threat of cyberattacks. #HIMSS22 featured a dedicated conference area for the topic of cybersecurity. Two subjects in particular that were of interest included third-party risk management and cyber supply chain resilience. On the necessity of discussing cybersecurity best practices and learning between organizations, Ferdinand Hamada, Managing Director of MorganFranklin Consulting, stated, “[The attendees] are living and breathing [cybersecurity] every day. I think [we need to focus] on continued collaboration.”

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