Welcome Zack Tisch, Consulting Services Executive

Executive Spotlight: Zack Tisch, Consulting Services ExecutivePivot Point’s new lead Consulting Services Executive, Zack Tisch, knows first-hand how difficult it can be for healthcare organizations to reap the full value of their EHR implementation. He began his healthcare IT career working for Epic Systems Corporation after completing his undergraduate studies at Duke University. In the 12 years since, Zack has overseen dozens of EHR implementation projects at healthcare organizations across the nation, managing 250-member teams on projects in excess of $300 million.

As project leader with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Zack developed the KidShare Pediatric Collaborative network for clinical content collaboration among the nation’s leading pediatric hospitals. As project manager with Catholic Healthcare Partners, he spearheaded a collaborative design team to establish an EHR proof of concept that was then scaled across a five-state organization. As project director at The University of Arizona Health Network (now Banner Health), he led an enterprise Epic implementation that successfully took 6,000 staff members at the organization’s inpatient and outpatient facilities live. Building off those experiences, Zack helped advise the executive team at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center to successfully deploy Epic in the single largest, big bang go-live in Epic’s history. He also led the extension of Cedars-Sinai’s inpatient Epic system to Marina Del Rey Hospital, generating positive revenue within the first week of going live.

These and the dozens of other projects Zack has been immersed in have helped him develop a deep appreciation for the unique challenges various providers face. “My experience afforded me a chance to get involved in development and where healthcare software needed to go,” he says. “I’ve worked closely with both operations and physician teams to understand the varying needs of different stakeholders across various subspecialties. What I’ve found is that you really need to know the vision and goals of the institution, and align your technology around that to succeed.”

Along the way, Zack has worked with a diverse array of vendor products and methodologies to hone his healthcare IT approach. In addition to his 15 Epic application certifications, he has earned his Project Management Professional (PMP) certification and is well-versed in revenue cycle and clinical software implementations including Cerner, GE Centricity, Allscripts, and other EHRs. In addition to his work in the EHR space, Zack helped lead the connectivity team at St. Jude Medical (now Abbott Healthcare), integrating medical device data into a variety of EHR systems to improve patient outcomes related to stroke risk and heart failure readmissions.

In his new role with Pivot Point, Zack will help guide all aspects of Pivot Point’s end-to-end consulting services portfolio. Zack explains, “I’m very focused on helping clients develop a forward-thinking strategy. What can we do now to make sure we’re successful in the months ahead? Go-live isn’t the end of the journey – it’s day one. A strategic roadmap ensures resources, tools, and infrastructure are in place to immediately move into optimization and continue to extract patient care and operational value out of the EHR. Culture and knowing where you want to go as an organizational are critical to making this happen, and my mission is to make sure our clients, and ultimately the patients they serve, are getting maximum value out of each and every healthcare dollar they spend.”