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Trusted ERP Solutions for Healthcare​

Pivot Point Consulting tailors Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to the unique needs of each healthcare organization to support an organized, well-managed approach to planning, implementing and optimizing a successfully integrated system. We can step in at any stage to help you plan, improve, and optimize to fulfill your business goals. Our expertise with ERP solutions in healthcare  has helped numerous clients significantly improve their outcomes and increase efficiency across all aspects of their operations. 

Why an Integrated ERP System Matters

Time is of the essence in healthcare. To effectively manage a wide range of responsibilities and make the most informed decisions for your business and your patients, your administrative staff needs timely and accurate information. Everything from accounting to HR to inventory can create mountains of data that must be organized and easily accessible to prevent confusion and errors in your operations.  

It’s important to determine which ERP software fits your needs. With our help building an integrated system based on best practices for ERP, your company can gain immediate access to the information your administrative staff needs to make the right calls as swiftly and confidently as possible. 

What Makes Pivot Point Consulting the Leader

Investing in ERP for healthcare is a significant step for many organizations, one that requires years of experience to execute properly. Our team of consultants averages 25+ years of healthcare IT experience building numerous tools and methodologies that consistently deliver successful transitions for healthcare organizations of all stripes. Simply put, our unique experience in clinical workflows, systems, and processes combined with our experience in business systems will provide you the experience needed for success.   

Our work for leading systems and vendors means we understand the challenges you face, as well as how to help you overcome them. We will work closely with you to establish processes and refine workflows so that you can achieve the highest levels of performance from your system.  

We strive to take your specific organizational and technical requirements into account when developing solutions to deliver a strategy that works as well over the long run as it does today.  We don’t talk about business systems without fully understanding the impact to clinical professionals, systems, and workflow.   

  • Simplify operations with an integrated business management system 
  • Purpose-built solutions for your organization and employees 
  • Comprehensive industry solutions 
  • Boost efficiency with streamlined and intuitive management system 
  • Realize the full potential of IT to empower your healthcare community 

We understand our clients’ challenges, appreciate their unique needs and know how to get things done on time and on budget.

Did you know?

Pivot Point Consulting’s Core Services Include More Than Staffing.