Strategic partnerships for end-to-end solutions

Our Partners:

Pivot Point Consulting + P3

Our partnership with P3 provides end-to-end managed services and advisory solutions. An operational efficiency powerhouse, P3 provides a variable remote workforce that that can scale with the operational needs of healthcare providers while optimizing contact center performance. They provide operational services to support telehealth and in-office appointment scheduling, collections, revenue recovery for telehealth, insurance processing, customer service and more. Their multi-step transition to managed services is proven to reduce cost significantly overtime and is supported by performance management and advanced technologies such as speech analytics and AI.

The partnership bolsters the mission of Pivot Point Consulting’s managed services practice: to free up healthcare providers from to day-to-day operations and support to focus on their core business – providing positive healthcare outcomes. 

“As a leader in contact center support, P3 is thrilled to partner with a Best in KLAS healthcare leader such as Pivot Point Consulting. That is a powerful, trusted combination ready to respond to today’s evolving support needs.”

– Miguel Ramos, President & COO, P3