Open your digital front door to today’s healthcare consumer

Patient Experience

Consumers increasingly expect personalized frictionless healthcare experiences. Unfortunately, many organizations are not prepared to deliver. Limited patient experience strategic planning, sub-optimized solutions or poor execution and communications create missed opportunities to positively impact your patient relationships – and bottom line. Pivot Point Consulting delivers an integrated approach to the patient and consumer experience inside – and outside – your organization. 

ROI & Metric-based, patient experience solutions

We help clients develop and execute achievable patient experience road maps that start at the digital front door and extend throughout the enterprise.  Our approach includes

  • Assessing market, organizational and technology enablers and risks
  • Developing tailored roadmaps to optimize the consumer experience across your:
  • Website(s)
  • MyChart/patient portal
  • Mobile applications
  • Contact/service centers
  • Front line and contact center
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Telehealth platforms

Why Pivot Point?

Our Patient Experience team focuses on metric-based success. We have proven results in helping clients achieve real value, including revenue improvement, customer acquisition and retention, and improved CGCAHPS scores. 

In addition, we work with clients to develop and bring innovative solutions, such as custom mobile applications and integration with leading consumer health apps to enhance the patient experience.

Improve the patient experience journey.

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