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EHR Optimization

EHRs are the obvious solution to streamlining clinical processes, but what happens when an EHR is implemented but nothing changes? Health systems are trying to find new solutions for re-registration, documentation, discharge and beyond. However, just implementing an EHR does not promise effective workflows and increased value to patients.

Our EHR optimization services help you realize the most value from your EHR investment through revenue cycle, clinical and EHR software optimization. We help you establish processes by collaborating with you to refine system workflows and achieve the highest levels of EHR performance.

Improve patient experience and workflows

Our EHR optimization services deliver hands-on consulting and methodologies to drive system adoption, improve clinical workflows and boost return on investment for your EHR software resulting in effective processes and a better clinician and patient experience.

Revenue Cycle Optimization

Patient Access Data Capture Enhancement

Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)

Financial Transparency

Clinical Workflow Optimization

Analytics And Clinical Data Integrity Assurance

Systems Planning, Requirements, Selection And Contracting

Clinical Systems Implementation

How we can help

Simply implementing an EHR platform may not be enough. Using your new system as it comes out of the box won’t account for all the specific needs and pain points your organization experiences. These circumstances are unique to every health system, and you will most likely need expertise to help tailor your systems so that you, your staff and your patients derive the most benefit from everything it has to offer.

Even with an EHR system implemented according to the provider’s standardized model, it is possible that inefficiencies may hamper its effectiveness. There also may be elements of your standard operating procedures that run counter to the way records are shared or updated through your new platform. This is where our EMR optimization capabilities can bring substantial improvements to the way your software functions.

Our experts work closely with you to understand where the system fails to meet all your requirements. Based on our assessment of your needs and workflows, we deliver EHR optimization strategies that work to eliminate these issues and leave your organization with a platform that works the way it should have been functioning all along. We help your team get the most out of the technology so you can deliver care with more efficiency and less frustration.

Examples of what we can do for you in this regard include optimizing scheduling processes so your system can make better use of patient data from previous visits. We can implement kiosks that enable patients to check in faster and free your staff members to assist with more important tasks. These are just few ideas we can bring to your systems. Our hands-on consultation and proven methodologies serve to increase onboarding, enable caregivers to focus on those they treat, and enhance the effectiveness of the EHR software you choose.

Realize the most value from your EHR.

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