Accelerate Your Data Innovation Journey

Every Journey Needs a Map

Data innovation drives better outcomes—for your patients’ health and for your healthcare organization. Consumer-first industries are leading the charge, but the healthcare field could stand to benefit from learned best practices. Healthcare and life science organizations have the potential to gain significant benefits and improvements.

Evolving your data maturity leads to data innovation. With both, organizations can improve health outcomes, promote health equity, strengthen communities, enrich the patient/employee experience and streamline operations.

The Maturity Accelerator Plan (MAP) is the action plan supporting your Data Innovation Journey. The MAP serves as a unifying force for the analytics community. It summarizes the current state of the environment, presents a future vision and outlines the required action plan. 

Our process enables organizations to realize meaningful cost reductions and improvements care very quickly; often within months of starting this work. 

Every Successful Journey Has a Navigator

Our Data & Analytics-AI team collaborates with your teams to create a personalized MAP. This custom plan reflects your strategic and operational priorities and lays out actionable next steps. The process begins with a 6-week assessment that delivers a detailed report. This report shows your current data maturity level (between 0–7) and the work to accelerate your data innovation journey.

This low impact assessment enables you to understand where you are now and what actions are needed for the future. Using your MAP, our team of expert navigators will guide you through expected and unexpected obstacles that may hinder your progress. 

As your data maturity increases, the working environment for your providers and staff will improve. They’ll have more time to spend with patients and less time spent on data analysis and paperwork. Moreover, this growth will lead to cost reductions, improved quality, better outcomes and enhanced healthcare experiences for patients.

Every Journey Has a Destination

Partnering with our Data and Analytics team ensures your MAP provides a journey tailored to your organization’s priorities. The result is a successful achievement of your teams’ strategic and organizational goals.

Because no two journeys are the same, here are some of the outcomes our clients have provided as their top priorities. We believe some of these may also resonate with you: 

  • Mobilize an analytics community that advances thought leadership, practices and technology to accelerate data innovation
  • Leverage a vendor neutral, capability oriented, aspirational data-maturity model. Once your level, which ranges from 0-7, has been determined, we’ll work to advance to higher stage levels
  • Enable benchmarking and comparison with other healthcare organizations
  • Reduce costs and improve outcomes
  • Increase revenue via improved access and census management
  • Provide a single executive dashboard with improved data visibility and real-time access
  • Develop a single source-of-truth
  • Optimize data governance to support compliance and regulatory changes
  • Reduce provider burden
  • Improve staff usage
  • Reduce administrative time for providers and care givers
  • Provide clearly defined data ethics guidelines
  • Enable more effective decision support tools
  • Collect and leverage Social Determinants of Health
  • Enable data-driven business decisions and more successful transformation efforts
  • Improve data interoperability
  • Feel confident in near and long-term investment decision
  • Better leverage and integrate data from value-driven options such as remote monitoring, care robotics, and home-based care
  • Enable artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) readiness

Proven Experience Advancing Analytics Maturity

Our Data & Analytics-AI solutions support the entire data maturity life cycle. This includes advisory consulting, strategic planning, implementation, and managed services.

We have partnered with HIMSS Analytics, the preeminent healthcare leader in advanced analytics and AI practices in healthcare. We use their data-maturity assessment model to determine your organization’s level of data maturity (0-7).

This assessment provides an industry recognized baseline. It expedites your data innovation journey by leveraging analytics and AI on a large scale. The outcome is game-changing care, fast-tracked research, streamlined operations, enriched patient and provider experiences, and strengthened communities.

The Data & Analytics-AI team consists of healthcare experts and data leaders from major e-commerce organizations worldwide. Leveraging their expertise, we’ve developed methods and practices that help clients accelerate their journey towards data maturity.

We are at the beginning of this journey in healthcare. Those who can capitalize on this opportunity will thrive and shape the future landscape of the industry. Take the leap with us, and dive into the future of healthcare.

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