Optimizing EHRs to Reach Goals

Rachel Marano, Pivot Point Consulting’s Managing Partner, said her firm recommends that organizations first leverage current systems and solutions before identifying and investing in new ones. “With so many new technologies and possible methodologies, it can be easy for leadership to overlook the potential in their current tools,” she explained. “With a clear EHR optimization methodology and plan, as well as input from providers and clinicians, hospitals and health systems can provide data-driven care that complements provider workflows and contributes to positive patient outcomes.”

Many healthcare organizations are already analyzing patient data to identify savings opportunities, but what often goes overlooked is how the configuration and use of the EHR can make a significant impact on cost and care. The article, “EHR Optimization as a Bridge to Population Health Management,” provides practical and proven insights to organizations maturing their population health capabilities and entering VBC programs by addressing key questions, including:

  • What clinical workflow supportive functionality is available in the EHR to aid and prompt care team members to ask the right patients the right questions?
  • Can those functionalities help the care team implement low-cost interventions to quickly put population health management into action?
  • How can these opportunities be implemented without disruption of patient care flow?